The Rainbow Stash Buster Project....

Rainbow Stash Buster Project

Following on from the fabulous Rainbow Stash "Builder" subscription, we are now BUSTING THAT STASH and getting CREATIVE!

Join fellow makers and be inspired every month!
Use your stash and be inspired
Create something each month
Monthly meetups in our community

Rainbow Stash Buste Project

Each month we will randomly choose 2 colours and we also pick out a prompt that you can interpret for inspiration   .... (or ignore)

Then we will create an 8" square sewn art work in 2 colours in any style or topic your choose.

With the opportunity to exhibit at a culminating exhibition at one of Australia’s Premiere quilting events!

Create art that is uniquely yours
Build a series & explore techniques
all in a supportive and creative community


Each month we will meet on zoom and share and chat and have fun, and at the end of the series, you will have the opportunity to have your work exhibited at one of Australia's Premier Quilting events.^

Join in the fun and meet new people.. learn new things.. and use that stash!

WHO:           Textile Artists + Quilt Artists + Quilters + Sewers
WHAT:         Create an 8" textile art piece every month  (no pressure though!)
WHY:            Be inspired to create along with your fellow makers and feel great about yourself, all while being encouraged to use your stash of fabrics!
WHEN:             Each month we will meet on zoom at a set date and time.

Starting in January 2024


ZOOM Information:
Each month we will meet at a set date and time and chat with friends and share techniques and news. 
Then we will do a live draw and select our 2 COLOURS and PROMPT that will inspire our work that month.



  • How does it work?
    • The RAINBOW STASH BUSTER PROJECT is a monthly subscription, paid for in advance each month. Cancel anytime.
  • What are the rules?
    • No. 1.. be supportive.
    • No. 2.. The size is 8" square - 2D - Must have fabric & Stitch
    • No. 3..  have fun
  • What are the colours?
    • The colours.. also include shades..tones and tints... 
      we have chosen 16 beautiful colours and will use 2 of those colours (randomly chosen) each month.
    • Each colour will only be used twice.
    • Black and White can be included in your pieces to use as highlights etc... but only up to approximately 5% of the piece.
    • The colours you use will have a "range".. and as long as they read as the selected colour.. then it's okay to use them.. Keeping the bulk of the image in the main tone of the selected colour.
      • eg:  if we chose sky blue.. then you can go darker or lighter. But the overall vision should be closer to sky blue.  For instance you would not use a green blue.. as that would read as green.. rather than blue..
        If Red was the colour... You could go lighter or darker... but you wouldn't go all the way to orange or pink.. as they would not then read as red.
  • What can I create?
    • Anything.. as long as it has fabric and stitches.  Paint, dye, stencil, sew, stitch, fold, cut, quilt.
      Not a textile artist.. make a quilt block.. or slow stitch.. or paint and draw.   As long as it is 8" square and 2D and has fabric and Stitch!
  • Can I do 2 series each month?
    • You sure can... if you get that creative urge.. go for it!
  • What if I don't want to make anything?
    • That's okay, join us for fun and friendship anyway.
  • What if I wasn't in the previous Subscription?
    • No problem!  This is new and fun and you will be made to feel very welcome 
  • Who is running it?
    • I am!  I'm Brenda Wood and I've been passionate about inspiring creatives and making textile art for over 20 years.  After the wonderful Workshop in a Box program (which was an International tutored subscription) We had the Rainbow Stash Builder (which was a monthly subscription of fabric and art supplies in a surprise colour) ..this was VERY popular and we made so many friends that we have decided to continue the community and keep getting creative.  So join in the fun and meet new people.. learn new things.. and use that stash!
  • What does it cost?
    • A low monthly fee.  Cancel anytime.  With regard to the exhibition...^Additional exhibition charges may apply for administrative and shipping costs.
  • What can I create?
    • Need inspiration.. think about creating a body of work that you will contribute to each month... 
      choose a theme that you respond to.. leaves, flowers, words, etc etc.. Find what inspires you.
  • What about the Exhibition?
    • The exhibition will feature at an Australian Premier quilting event in 2025.  And if successful, we would love it to visit International venues as well.
    • The inclusion into the project is purely optional.
    • The works will be displayed in their colour groupings.
  • What if I don't make something every month?
    • No Worries! It's all about fun - no pressure!
    • The exhibition will be displayed per colour series.. not per person.. so even if you only make one.. you can still be included.