Workshop in a Box - Host Tutor timetable


  • The boxes will be sent out in the 1st week of your month.

  • During this week, we will upload, the teaching videos you provided


  • The boxes arrive
  • Your course video or FB live will be uploaded in the beginning of the 1st week, so makers will have watched while they wait for their arrival.

WEEK 3 - ZOOM / FB LIVE 'Meet the Tutor'

  • Let's arrange a time that suits you when the time gets closer.
  • This is not a learning 'live' but could be a studio tour, a walk around your farm, a close-up look at your work or a casual Q&A.  The choice is yours... 

    WEEK 4 - ZOOM LIVE 'Casual chat' with the makers... 

    • Informal gathering and casual chat with the makers... Tutor is not required to attend.
    • We say good bye to the tutor.


    • From day 1 of your month, we encourage you to visit the FB group and endeavour to foster a familiarity between yourself & the makers.

    • Hosts are required to encompass a 'community' feel and help the makers feel special by positive feedback.

    • 2 Sew will manage the FB group.  You are there to offer help, advice, feedback and give high fives and pats on the back.
    •  Please pop in and check on us for 2 months (your hosting month and the following).. and of course.. stay as long as you like.


    Do I have to provide instructions for the suggested maker project?

    • That depends, if you have them to hand... great.  
    • Otherwise we will have some standard pattern instructions available for things like: 
      • Journal cover, Table runner, gift cards, postcards, cushion, wall hoop, fortune cookie purse etc.
    • Let us know if you want us to take care of this for you.

    How much will tutors get paid for hosting a month?

    • Let's discuss that further and come up with a mutually beneficial arrangement.
      • this is usually a flat rate, based on participant numbers. (note: there will be a minimum number of participants.  Any extra kits will be made available and sold independently of the subscription members.

    • Please provide me with an invoice and payment method details. Invoices will be paid the month after you host.
    • Amount agreed must include all taxes and conversions.

    Are the tutors required to fill a workshop?

    • No - 2 Sew Textiles will do that, although, it always helps when a tutor promotes as well

    Are there any restrictions in working with 2 Sew's Workshop in a Box?

    Please remember that we are working hard to create a fabulous learning environment seeded from a unique idea by 2 Sew Textiles.
    • we require you to keep our information and discussions private & ask that you do not work with another Australasian subscription kit based learning environment for a period of 2 years.
      • Don't worry... currently we are the ONLY system of this kind for Textile art, art quilting and fibre art.
    Thanks for understanding and for making our makers feel that exclusive kind of special !

      I have more questions : 

      No problem, just send me an email here: