Workshop in a Box - A NEW way of learning Textile & Quilt Artists

Are you an art quilter or textile artist? 
Want to try Textile Techniques without spending a fortune on supplies ?

Workshop in a Box is for any textile artist who wants to try new techniques without spending a fortune on supplies they won't use. This new learning system, sends you only what you need & lets you work at home & pull from your stash.

Whether you are just starting your textile journey or are an established artist, these boxes will have you eagerly awaiting the next month!

Learning + Creativity + Support + Community + Fun

What you get each month..

  • Boxed kit delivered to your door
  • Online recorded (or live) lessons by top tutors
  • Chat with the Tutor live session
  • A new technique
  • Inspirational keepsake card every month
  • Online community to share your success
  • Support from experienced artists
  • Projects to make
  • Postage 

How does it work?

It's a membership course!

Week 1 - We send you out a textile taster kit, with the main ingredients to create a project with a new technique

    • You will supplement the contents with items that you will probably have in your stash, like scissors, fabric and wadding etc

Week 2 - The online learning will begin.

    • Pre-recorded lesson units, or live - with replay.
    • You will get feedback throughout the month on your creations & help with any questions.

Week 3 or 4 - Visit with the tutor in a live get to know them session... 

    • This may be a studio tour, a discussion of their art or we might join them in a walk around their backyard or down at the beach. This is going to be fun!

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Who are the tutors?

Each month you will get a new tutor to experience... We are always looking for great tutors from around the world.
So far we have tutors from the UK, Germany, South Africa and of course Australia.
See our sample lineup below.. they look great don't they ! Click the image below to learn more about them!

What are you waiting for?

Whether you are an Art Quilter, Fibre Artist, Textile Artist or an artful Stitcher... This new learning system is for you! 
Our unique creator membership, sends only what you need to learn a new technique & lets you work at home & pull from your stash, utilising what you may already have, so you don't spend a fortune on supplies that you won't use, and it's a great price!

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