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Rasant Threads - collections - SPRING

Rasant Threads - collections - SPRING

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Rasant special collection boxes feature gorgeous tones that suit every project.

This is our  SPRING SET and features 10 reels of gorgeous thread, specially selected to colour natures blossoming beauty.  This gorgeous set is perfect for baby and everyday quilts.. the colours blend beautifully.

Rasant is one of the world's best known and most popular brands of sewing thread. Renowned for its consistency, durability and tensile strength. As it is a cotton covered, it has the look and feel of traditional threads with the flexibility of a blended fibre. It is especially beloved by machine quilters, as it works well in a variety of different projects and applications. Rasant thread is incredibly convenient to work with as it breaks less often when using it on a long arm machine.

With the softness of cotton and the strength of polyester, this thread is a favourite for Quilters and Textile artists alike!

This cotton covered polyester core thread is reliable and has excellent sewing ability due to it's specially developed finish (high twist purity & design). The combination of cotton covering a high strength polyester core makes this thread a first choice for most applications.

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Our collection packs come in a clear acrylic 'box' perfect for use in your sewing drawer! 
They make a nice gift too!

What you need to know:

  • Fibre: cotton wrap with a polyester core
  • Brand: Rasant by Amann Group
  • Length: 1000 metres
  • Weight: 120/40 weight thread
  • Recommended: quilting, fashion and fibre arts
  • Feature: Strong & durable & washable

Further Info

 Rasant is 120/40 weight thread making it very fine and strong. The construction of this thread is a polyester core with a cotton wrap. The polyester core gives the thread its strength and the cotton wrap makes the thread soft and smooth with the look and feel of a traditional cotton thread.

- What is rasant thread used for?
Rasant is mainly used in the apparel sector but is an outstanding favourite in the Quilting sector too. It is used as sewing thread for clothing & sportswear as well as for underwear & lingerie. Rasant is also used as sewing thread for denim and workwear and is perfect for quilting and thread painting.

- Who makes rasant thread?
The Amann Group
Made in Germany by the Amann Group, Rasant Thread is famous for its consistency, durability and tensile strength - suitable for a wide range of machines.
- Can you use rasant thread in Overlocker?
Suitable for use in both domestic and industrial sewing machines, overlockers and for hand sewing.
Rasant comes in a HUGE variety of colours
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