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Paper Postcard Pack - Send love through the mail!

Paper Postcard Pack - Send love through the mail!

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Selections - 9 cards of

How cute are these!!!! Animal Bird Flower - Collections of postcards to keep or send! They make great gifts by themselves or use them as tags, stick them to your fridge or use them as a bookmark. How amazing would it be to get one of these delivered to your mail box... send them to an animal lover !

Featuring a huge variety of animals and birds and flowers from Australia, Africa and New Zealand, each is uniquely drawn by Artist Kathryn Harmer Fox. Kathryn's drawing talent is amazing! She then brings each character to life with thread and stitch!

These paper postcards are printed on fabulous quality paper card with rich and lively colors.

Sold in packs of 9 the sets are grouped by topic. African, Australian, Flowers, Birds, Big Game, Cute and Cuddly .

Choose your favourite packs or have a special selection made for you! Special packs can be made upon request without any extra worries.

Tell us your favourites and we will pack them for you.

Size: 7" x 5"

Reverse side had writing space for note and address lines for postage information.

Postcards are able to be sent through the postal service.

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