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Derivan Matisse Iridescent Medium 24 for Painting

Derivan Matisse Iridescent Medium 24 for Painting

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Matisse 24 iridescent medium will give a "pearlescence" or "iridesence" when mixed with colour, especially transparent colours.  Great used as a wash, and especially great to give life to dark colours. 

Professional artists acrylic medium

A Specially designed  high quality product that ensures washability and permanency of colour for acrylic paints on natural and non-synthetic fibres.

What you need to know:

  • Purpose: textile medium for fabric painting. Use with acrylics & fabric paints.
  • Material: natural and non-synthetic fibres
  • Brand: Derivan Matisse MM24
  • Size: 250ml bottle
  • Info:  Made & owned in Australia 

Further info:

Textile Medium allows permanent non-fading painting on natural and non-synthetic fabric. 

We used this in our Gillian Travis swimmers class to give a gentle lustre to the water.

This product gives a lustre appeal and does not look like glitter

• Pre-wash fabric to remove sizing. Do not use fabric softener.
• Mix with paint to give body and shimmer, especially good for fabric painting as it enables adhesion of the paint to fabric.

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