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Karen Kay Buckley

Karen Kay Buckley Perfectly Mixed Scissor - SET 1

Karen Kay Buckley Perfectly Mixed Scissor - SET 1

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Perfect Scissors™ are perfect, and we have taken the hard work of choosing the right combination for you!

These are the most comfortable scissors on the market !

This Perfectly mixed set includes:

1 x LARGE     (7 1/2") Purple Micro Serrated Perfect Scissors

1 x MEDIUM  (5") Orange Multi purpose Perfect Scissors

1 x SMALL     (4") Curved Red Micro Serrated Perfect Scissors


They are great for cutting templates (freezer paper, Template Plastic), fabric and fabric with fusible stabilizers.

Perfect Scissors™ handles have soft, ergonomic grips that won't tire your hands. They cut sharp to the point and come with a plastic protective cover.

Great for both right and left hand cutting.

This specially curated set includes 2 Micro serrated blades that pull the fabric into the scissors and 1 multi-purpose 'stay sharp to the point' scissors.

What you need to know:

Purpose: Great for all types of cutting

Material: Soft Grip ergonomic cushioned handles with Stainless Steel blades

Brand: Karen K Buckley

Set 1 includes Sizes: 7 1/2"  (18cm) - 5" (12.5CM) - 4" (10CM)


Further Info: 

  • Left and Right handed suitable
  • Micro-serrated blades allow for straighter cuts with less fraying
  • Easy Manoeuvrability Great for applique
  • light weight and comfortable
  • can comfortably cut up to 4 layers saving a tremendous amount of time
  • easy for right or left handed  use
  • Original "Perfect" scissors have one blade micro-serrated & one blade straight which can be sharpened
    Multipurpose scissors are like traditional straight blade scissors
  • Each pair of scissors has a blade cover included


"the best scissors for blade and comfort on the market"
"these are the only scissors I will ever buy now"
"I have the full set!"


 These make a great gift!

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