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Ellen Giggenback for Nutex

Wildlife of Australia Panel by Ellen Giggenbach

Wildlife of Australia Panel by Ellen Giggenbach

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Exquisite print of Ellen Giggenbach's original artwork with beloved Australian animals and scenery.

Absolutely stunning panel!

Now available in a kit with precut 4" border fabrics in Kangaroo design

What you need to know:

    • Fibre: 100% cotton
    • Designer: Ellen Giggenbach
    • Brand: Nutex
    • Size: 113cmx95cm (44"x37") *inc seam allowance
    • Weight: great quality
    • Recommended: 
  • ACCOMPANYING CO-ORDINATING FABRICS are wildlife of Australia all over print, Land and Sea in blue with sea life and green with NZ Birds and the Grey which features Kangaroos.

Further Info:
Kit contains pre-cut fabrics to border panel in Ellens "Wild and free - Kangaroo" fabric.  (wadding, backing & binding not included)

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