Great Designs by Great Designers !

Bringing you the best Quilt Patterns + Textile Art Workshops + Art Products for the Creator Maker community

Since 2014 we have been bringing Quilt Patterns + Great Designs by Great Designers, to the web. Most of our patterns and artists products are by artists like Lessa Siegele, Kathryn Harmer and Sue Duffy, that have no other online presence.

In 2021 we created #Workshopinabox which was a Textile Art Technique series featuring a new technique and tutor, with a box of the main ingredients each month. Providing amazing products and teaching by Artists from Australia, UK, Sth Africa and more.  Finishing at the end of 2022, the workshops (and a very limited number of the boxes) are still available online.  The series was hugely successful, with a great community and many warm and welcome accolades by the makers.  Many makers have said how much their art quilt skills and confidence increased over the series of workshops. 

And their resulting works were amazing! (Check out 2SewTextiles on Insta + FB)

2023 will see 2 Sew Textiles become Art Quilt Supplies.

We feel this better encompasses our new direction, which is to encourage the artist in everyone and make hard to source products readily available.  Products that I Know + Love + Trust.

Brenda Wood is a Textile artist and art maker with a passion for color and experimenting with techniques and art products.  She will look after you! 

Bringing you quality products + unique designer products that you may otherwise never see!  

And the best part is that the sale of each product directly helps each of our designers + tutors. It's more like a collaboration than business!


We appreciate your support & welcome you x

Brenda Wood of 2 Sew Textiles