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Devonstone Solids

Devonstone Solids Collection

Devonstone Solids Collection

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Experience a fabric as unique as the Aussie homeland with the Devonstone Solids Collection! Featuring premium-grade 100% cotton in an array of delicious colors that truly represent the Australian way of life, these fabrics are a total sensory delight - boasting a great thread weight and feel that you'll want to wrap yourself in!

Great thread count, but still soft and easy to stitch

Trust us, you'll love these colours of pure Aussie bliss!

What you need to know:

  • Fibre: 100% cotton
  • Material: material
  • Brand: Devonstone
  • Length:  FQ's 50cm x 56cm
  • Width:  112cm wide
  • Continuous cuts: made for multiple units. eg: 2 units = 50cm x wof
    • minimum cut 25cmx wof happily cut by request
  • Weight: quality thread count
  • Recommended: Machine wash cold

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