Workshop in a Box F.A.Q.

Workshop in a Box FAQ:

  • Can I pause or swap a month?
    • YES ! you can pause for a month or get sent a past box *
  • Can I get previous month workshop boxes?
    • YES! & We can send them as part of this subscription *
  • When are the boxes posted?
    • Boxes are posted in the last week of each previous month.  They usually arrive in the 2nd week of the month.
      (Boxes are sent earlier for our International members)
  • Is it always the same tutor?
    • No! Each month we learn something new, from a new Teacher.
    • Tutors, techniques and topics are subject to change 

  • What are the tutors like?
    • Our tutors are top notch!  They really know their topics and come to us from all around the world.
    • How long do I have access my lessons for?
      • AGES! Your lessons  will be available to you on our special lesson area on vimeo.
    • Where are you? I don't want to pay too much postage!
      • 2 Sew Textiles is in Australia.  We supplement the cost of postage, which is included for Australian Residents and low cost for International members.
    • What if I don't want the box?
      • No problem !  We have an online only version too.
    • What's your cancellation policy?
      • You can cancel anytime after your subscription period ends
      • 1 full months notice is required - by the 15th of the previous month
    • How long is Workshop is a Box running for?
      • Workshop in a Box has now had 18 amazing workshops.  We slowed down the monthly workshops and towards the end of 2022 they became bi-monthly. 
      • Our last workshop is in Oct-Nov for 2022

                                                              * Subject to availability