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Fabrico Fabric Marker Pen Sets - by Tsukineko Japan - Dual tip - permanent

Fabrico Fabric Marker Pen Sets - by Tsukineko Japan - Dual tip - permanent

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Fabrico marker sets by Tsukineko are a 6 piece double ended felt tip pens preferred by art quilters due to their permanoand Light Fast properties. One end brush, one end point and they are permanent on fabric and come in a great range of colors. The range of colours varies from delicate soft Colors to bright vivid tones.

The perfect pen for Textile Artists and Quilt Artists!

These curated sets are great for:

  • Landscape
  • Shades and Shadows

Whether you are making your own quilt labels, fabric art or embellishing projects, you will find that the Fabrico Dual Tip Makers are the ideal archival and acid free marker.


They maintain the natural soft hand of your fabric and feature a brush point for coloring and a bullet point for fine work.  Apply lightly, then layer more for great shading and colour depth.

What you need to know:

    • Quality:       Archival & Acid Free
    • Set:             6 curated colours
    • Brand:        Fabrico by Tsukineko
    • Features:   Dual ends - brush and nib
    • Storage:    Store Horizontally for best results
    • Uses:          Great for scrapbooking, textile art and quilting labels
    • Recommended:  

Pen Colours per set:
- Landscape: 165 pine + 153 Autumn Leaf + 125 Garnet + 154 Chocolate +162

  • By heat setting with an iron, textiles can be washed and images will remain. 


Fabrico markers can be used on fabric, wood, leather, unglazed ceramic, paper mache, shrink wrap.

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