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Daler Rowney Graduate Paint Brushes

Daler Rowney Graduate Paint Brushes

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Daler Rowney's 'Graduate' brush range is the best in this class!  Developed to meet the needs of both advanced students and hobbyists.

Great quality at a great price.

Perfect for washes, watercolours, acrylic and inks.
All Graduate brushes are hand crafted with high quality materials. The Graduate Synthetic brushes are resilient, durable. Excellent snap and edge.
Great for all types of paint.

Various sizes to choose from.

The versatile set contains 4 Brushes: 1" & 1/2" Oval, size 6 round, size 8 Flat Shader RRP: $42.80

Further Info:
Graduate brushes have a unique rating system to indicate the suitability of the brush (or brush wallet) for use with oil, acrylic or watercolour. The number of stars assigned to each brush indicates the level of performance or suitability for use with that particular medium.

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